Meet Rebecca

How did you become a coach that helps women heal their relationship with food & release weight permanently?

Hello & Welcome!

Let me share with you the defining moments that brought me to coaching women on exactly what to do to move past food & body struggles, and on to living more happy, more free, and more fulfilled lives.

In 2000 I was a newlywed and college student. I decided to become a registered dietitian-nutritionist (RDN) because I loved biology and helping people find health through food. 

While in college I felt lots of pressure and stress that caused me to disconnect from myself and turn to food for comfort and distraction.

With time, this turned into an addictive & frustrating cycle of exercise bulimia. 

I hated the pattern. But I was really help captive by it.

I was doing very well on the outside, but on the inside I was completely stuck & misaligned.

Trying to change my relationship with food was overwhelming and scary. 

The habit had given me a sense of comfort and control during stressful times, but also so much emotional and mental pain.

As a dietitian-nutritionist it was really ironic that my relationship with food was my biggest struggle!!

No one is immune to this stuff.

It wasn’t until my husband left 12 years later that I decided I was fed up with it, and it was time to dedicate myself to figuring out the bingeing habit.

The first big shift happened once I began letting go of food beliefs and "ideologies" that weren't serving me, and started fueling my body the right way for ME.

I also dove deep into personal development, psychology, brain science, and self-help books. And I went to school for wellness coaching.

All this brought huge shifts in my mindset about life, about myself, and about my body and relationship with food.

I finally felt empowered enough to take small daily action steps that helped me breakthrough my sabotaging overeating pattern.

I was committed to working on the things that were keeping me stuck & going back to the cycle of overeating and over-exercising.

I let go of thoughts & beliefs that weren’t serving me, and replaced them with empowering ones that would give me the results I wanted.

The process I took myself through not only healed my relationship with food, but it made me a transformed person. 

I got very connected to the REAL me. And my desire to be the BEST version of me became even stronger (note: my best version, not someone else’s!). 

I also realized that one of my greatest joys in life is to RESPECT, HONOR, and NOURISH my body. 

Food and exercise were no longer a draining battle, but a means of thriving, enjoying life, & feeling good. 

From this point on, my career as a dietitian-nutritionist took on a powerful new meaning. 

It became very personal and essential that I help other women find the same amazing relationship with themselves, and achieve freedom from binge & emotional eating and body struggles.

I started teaching what I learned during my personal journey. 

Women began reaching out to me, telling me I was really impacting them with what I was sharing.

Today, I am blessed and grateful to dedicate the rest of my life to helping women go from bingeing to feeling blissful, and to achieving permanent weight loss. (Really, what’s the point if it’s not permanent, right?)

Yes, you can find freedom with food. You can feel EMPOWERED, you can feel GREAT in your body, you can achieve ANY weight you want, and NEVER diet again. 

I truly believe that it's yours if you really want it, and are ready for it.

Food can be just food, no longer an enemy, or a false friend that always lets you down.

No more feeling guilty, ashamed, regretful, or fat.

You absolutely can go from feeling completely stuck in overeating and hating your body, to feeling more CONFIDENT & ENERGIZED every day. 

I’m a living example that permanent change with food is possible.

And what I know, and what I teach, is that any lasting outside transformation and weight loss comes from inside transformation first. 

This is powerful stuff every woman needs to know to achieve not only food and body freedom, but to skyrocket her entire life!

All lasting external results come from internal mental & emotional shifts and breakthroughs.

It’s heartbreaking & demoralizing to lose and regain weight, over and over. 

If that’s happened to you, nothing is wrong with you, it's not your fault. 

You just got placed into our societal system of dieting that doesn’t address you as a whole person or as an individual person. 

That is why I created The School for Permanent Weight Loss. 

And that's why I am dedicated to revolutionizing weight loss in our culture. No more prescribed diets, no more fads, no more shortcuts and hacks, no more phone apps promising you the moon - just real transformational work and lots of love.

You deserve lasting change & transformation. You are worth it.

Thanks for stopping by, and checking out what I do!